Medical Agencies

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  • Division of Student Services, Disability Liaison Officer, Charles Sturt University – Wagga Wagga; patient files (unsorted), RW2151.
  • Nelson and Horsfall Pty. Ltd.; Albury; patient files (unsorted), RW1559.
  • Doctor R. Lewis; area medical officer's book (unsorted), 1942-46, RW1633.
  • Mister Peter Macneil, OAM FRCS FRACS; surgeon, Wagga Wagga; subject and correspondence files (unsorted), c.1930-90, RW2076.
  • Osmond-French Medical Centre, Charles Sturt University – Wagga Wagga; includes records of Doctor Ken Osmond, MB BS DObst (Syd.), DA (Lond.); Wagga Wagga and Charles Sturt University Medical Practitioner; patient files, pathology reports, repat service cards, history cards, folders re workers' compensation and patient cards, c. 1974-88, RW1258; patient cards and correspondence, 1980-89, RW1448; patient files, staff cards and patient cards, 1990-93, RW1607; patient files, RW2058; patient files, RW2095; patient files, RW2101; patient files, 1992-2002, RW2238; patient files, c. 1995-2003, RW2285; patient files, 1997-2003, RW2310; patient files, c. 2000-2004, RW2332; patient files, c. 2000-2004, RW2334; 100 boxes, 9 volumes, 5 card drawers (18.82m).
  • Doctor Beda Pickard; Leeton Practitioner; patient files, 1955-69, RW1464; 5 boxes (0.875m).
  • Doctor Lewis Ratner; Wagga Wagga Practitioner; patient record cards, correspondence, Medibank assignment forms, operation records and patient record books, 1939-80, RW260; 43 boxes (3.6m).
  • Rosmoyne Private Hospital; Wagga Wagga; operated in Kincaid Street by Nurse Mabel Dickens; registers of patients and midwifery certificate of nurse Mabel Dickens, 1916-42, RW1687; 1 box (0.175m).
  • Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Honorary Doctors; papers, correspondence, circulars, and cashbook, 1931-1963, RW2530; 1 box (0.18m).