Faculty of Science

Email the Faculty of Science team

Manager, Academic Services

Name: Michele O'Brien
Phone: 02 6338 6159
Email: mobrien@csu.edu.au
Campus: Bathurst

Senior Client Services Librarians

Name: Tricia Bowman
Schools: Community Health; Environmental Sciences; Institute for Land, Water & Society
Phone: 02 6051 9918
Mobile: 0439 401 203
Email: tbowman@csu.edu.au
Campus: Albury

Name: Hanne Hoelaas
Schools: Biomedical Sciences; Three Rivers UDRH 
Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Phone: 02 6365 7565
Mobile: 0439 421 380
Email: hhoelaas@csu.edu.au
Campus: Orange

Name: Tabitha Merrell
Schools: Dentistry and Health Services
Phone: 02 6365 7639
Mobile: 0439 421 380
Email: tmerrell@csu.edu.au
Campus: Orange

Name: Adele Miles
Schools: Exercise Science, Sport & Health; Nursing, Midwifery & Indigenous Health
Hours: Monday - Thursday
Phone: 02 6582 9380
Email: amiles@csu.edu.au
Campus: Port Macquarie

Client Services Librarians

Name: Tim Eggleston
Schools: Community Health; Nursing, Midwifery & Indigenous Health
Campus: Albury

Name: Karen Klein
Schools: Biomedical Sciences; Environmental Sciences
Campus: Albury

Name: Sandra Sellars
Schools: Animal & Vet Sciences; Exercise Science, Sport & Health
Campus: Wagga Wagga