Alexander Street Press videos

Creating links to Alexander Street Press videos

  1. Locate the video you want to link to.
  2. Click on the title of the video.
  3. Paste the link into your webpage or document.

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Creating links to Alexander Street Press clips

You can create a clip within any Alexander Street Press video and then link to this clip.

Creating a clip from an Alexander Street Press video

  1. Sign in or create an account in Alexander Street Video. Your sign-in is not your CSU username or password. The account is separate to the CSU account.
  2. Locate the recording you wish to create a shorter clip from.
  3. You can use the red and green flags to set the start and finish times or type the times into the boxes under the video.
  4. Enter the Title of the clip, e.g., ESL443 Week 2.
  5. You can enter notes here if you wish, they could be instructions for students.
  6. When you're happy with the clip details click on "Save".
    WARNING - you will not be given any indication that the clip has been saved.
  7. Your clips will now be listed in your clips list.

Create a link to a clip created in Alexander Street Press

  1. Sign in to your Alexander Street Press account.
  2. If you are creating the link immediately after creating the clip, click on "Menu" at the top left of the screen (see image below). If you're creating a link in a different session, proceed to step 3.
    screen sample fo the Alexander Street Press website with the 'Show Navigation and Search' link highlighted
  3. Click on the Clips tab (see image below).
    screen sample of the Alexander Street Press website with the 'Clips' menu item highlighted
  4. Locate the clip you wish to link to.
  5. Paste this link into the "URL" box below.
  6. Click "Create Link".
  7. Your complete link will appear in the "Complete Link" box. If you want to test the complete link to make sure it works, click "Test Link", otherwise, copy the link and paste it into your document or webpage.

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