Course development and accreditation

Our role in course and subject review

As courses are developed, we work with Academic staff and DLT to embed Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs). Our focus is the Research and Information Literacy and Digital Literacy GLOs, which we aim to include in relevant subjects.

For course revitalisation, we can also help with updating reading lists within revitalised subjects.

Digital, Information and Research Literacies

Information and Research Literacies align closely with the Digital Literacy GLO.


Our Framework identifies seven core competencies. Using these competencies throughout a course will allow students to develop relevant literacies as part of their subjects.

We also define and align skills and behaviours to foundation, proficient and advanced levels. As a result, our Framework provides a scaffolded approach that can help you develop marking criteria.

Research and Information literacy GLO

This GLO gives students the ability to:

  1. identify an information need
  2. locate relevant information by using the appropriate digital tools
  3. critically evaluate the appropriateness of information and data.

Students should also be able to analyse and synthesise relevant information to support arguments and decisions.

Digital Literacy GLO

This GLO provides students with an opportunity to:

  1. use digital tools to find, gather and evaluate information
  2. use digital communication tools and social media to effectively communicate and collaborate with others
  3. consciously develop a positive online identity.

Students should also be able to understand the implications of the global use of technology in professional, social, and cultural settings.

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Course accreditation

We understand that Course Accreditation by the relevant professional body is critical to the operation of the University.

Accreditation reports provide information on how students are supported by library services and resources.

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