Theses and dissertations

Finding and accessing theses

Charles Sturt theses

Charles Sturt Research Masters / PhD theses are available as follows:

Theses from 2009 - are available online in the Charles Sturt Research Output (CRO) repository as PDF files.

Older ‘print only’ theses held by the Library can found using the Advanced Search option in Primo Search:

  1. Select Advanced Search.
  2. Select Search Profile = Books, journals, DVDs & more.
  3. Select Any field and as a phrase enter charles sturt university.
  4. Select Material Type = Theses.
  5. Click Search.

Screen sample of the Primo Search website with search terms entered into search fields and 'Theses' selected in the 'Material Type' field.

You can search for CSU theses about a specific topic by including additional keywords, e.g. marketing

Screen sample of the Primo Search website with search terms entered into search fields and additional keyword added to the search fields.

Screen sample of the Primo Search theses search results.

Print theses must be used in the library only.
If a thesis is held at another Charles Sturt Campus Library, you can ask for it to be sent to you at your local Charles Sturt Campus Library.

Australian universities

The National Library of Australia’s Trove database lists most Australian university theses. Not all online theses are publicly available.

  1. Go to the Trove homepage and type your keyword into the search box
  2. Open the Categories drop-down and choose Research and Reports
  3. Select the green search button
  4. Use Refine your results on the right to limit the Format to Thesis, and Access to Free access.


Requesting theses from other institutions

Online purchase

Some services, such as the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database allow users to purchase copies.

Alternatively, the library can locate and purchase a copy of a thesis on your behalf. Charges apply and are based on the rates outlined in the Australian ILRS Code but may vary according to the individual library.

Interlibrary Loans staff will provide a quote before proceeding with the request. Use the ILL Request link in Primo Search to submit a request.

Suggest that the Library purchase a thesis

Recommend a title for purchase using the Suggest New Materials form.