Develop your digital literacy skills

Digital skills are an essential part of your life as a student and beyond. For this reason, one of Charles Sturt's graduate learning outcomes focuses on digital literacy. Learn more about the Digital and Information Literacies framework and how to better participate, protect and promote yourself online.

Using images at university

Learn how to find and use images legally and ethically.

LinkedIn Learning

Build your professional and technological skills using these self paced online training videos.

Your Digital Life

Your Digital Life is a set of three online modules about developing a professional presence in the digital world.

Can I share this?

This recording will help you understand how to use information and images ethically and legally.

LinkedIn and your online brand

This online workshop will help you build professional connections and explore online networking in LinkedIn.

Using Artificial Intelligence

Learn about AI literacy and gain an understanding of the risks and benefits of using Generative AI for study.

Other useful information