Find your readings

As you work through your subject's learning modules, your Subject Coordinator will refer you to relevant readings and other resources. These may be articles, book chapters, webpages, videos or other multimedia.

It's useful to understand where you can access these resources and how you can locate them if they are not linked.

Readings and resources list

In your subject's Interact2 site, you may have a Readings and resources list in the left-hand menu. Use this list to view the resources referred to in your subject in one central place.

Check out our Using Your Reading List Library Resource Guide for everything you need to know.

Using your reading list guide


You may need textbooks for your subjects and these are either prescribed or recommended.

To find what textbooks you need, look in your Subject Outline or see the textbook listings.

Prescribed textbooks

A prescribed textbook is essential for your study. You’ll need it throughout the session, and at exam time, as do other students in your class. It's useful to have permanent access to it.

Recommended textbooks

A recommended textbook is not essential but recommended only. If you're not sure if you should buy a textbook, check with your lecturer.

Textbooks and the Library

The Library has at least one copy of every prescribed textbook and aims to hold every 'recommended reading' book. We buy eBooks if possible, but if it's a physical textbook that's prescribed, it may be in the Reserve section.

Find your textbook by searching the Library's catalogue, Primo Search. For best results, search for the title only. You don't need to use the author and date, but you can use those details to make sure you find the right book.

You can use Primo to find both physical books and eBooks.

Search for a textbook

Reserve and online readings

If a textbook isn’t available online or the physical copy is in high demand, the book may be in the Library's Reserve section. You can borrow a Reserve item for short term use (2 hours). Other times part of the book may be scanned and made available online in Primo Search

There are two main ways for you to access your online readings.

  1. If your subject Interact site has a Readings and resources list, your online readings will be available there.
  2. Otherwise you can use Primo Search. Enter your subject code into the Primo search bar and select "subject readings" from the drop down menu for your online readings to appear in the results.

Search Primo for your online reading list