Learning activities and assessments

Programs and resources to develop your students' Information & digital literacies.

We can work with you to devise learning activities and assessments that will build students skills in this area. We have several programs which target your students needs and develop their Information and digital literacies.

About the literacies

Information & Research literacies cover the ability to:

  • identify an information need
  • locate, evaluate and use appropriate sources to meet an information need.

Students can apply these skills at university, in workplaces and for lifelong learning.

Digital literacies cover the ability to:

  • be a flexible and adaptable user and creator of information.

Students will use these skills to navigate changing workplaces and environments in the future.

Including these literacies in your learning activities and assessments

The Australian Qualifications Framework and TEQSA’ Higher Education Standards Framework identify Information and Digital Literacy skills as a range of scaffolded skills students must possess.

Accredited courses must comply with accreditation standards. These standards include skills aligned with information and digital literacy competencies.

Students can apply these literacies in a subject assessment or in their work and daily life. Embedding these literacies in your course activities and assessments creates work ready graduates.

Learning Activities

Learning activities promote engagement and critical thought about issues associated with online society. Using these activities can help promote discussion and interaction in your teaching sites.


We’ve included Learning Activities examples on our Digital Literacy Guide.


We can help develop assessments that will build your students’ information and digital literacies in the context of your subject. Scaffolding these skills will help you ensure students are meeting the requirements of their course.


Find example assessment tasks for:

Information and digital literacy resources

The Library has resources to help you understand the information and digital literacies. These guides step you through embedding them into your course or subject. You will also find programs and services the library has developed for your students.

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