Choosing your readings

Providing subject readings from a range of media types helps to boost student engagement.

How we can help

The Library has a wide range of material that can be incorporated in your subject reading list, such as:

  • eBooks
  • online multimedia
  • videos
  • anatomy resources.


Use eBooks and eBook chapters as textbooks and subject readings. The Library has a growing collection of eBooks which, when used as readings or textbooks:

  • are easy to access
  • can help to reduce the financial burden on students.

Contact the Library to check the suitability of eBook licenses before adding them to your reading list.

We also recommend you provide eBook access advice for students.

For more information and to access eBooks please see our eBooks page.

Open Education Resources

Use Open Educational Resources to supplement existing subject resources.

For more information and links to relevant Open Education Resources, please see our guide.


Use interactive multimedia, video, and image databases to enrich your subject readings.

Learn more about interactive multimedia and image databases and see our wide range of video databases.

Reading list service

We can provide advice and training in identifying relevant information sources, topic searching and creating alerts, and are available for consultation on hard to find resources. Please contact your Library Faculty Team for assistance.

Other useful information

Professional development

Register for our online professional development in learning and teaching.

Copyright when teaching

Learn more about copyright compliance in your teaching.