Using the internet

It's common to use search engines like Google when starting your research. But there are a few strategies to make searching with Google more effective.

Using the Internet effectively

The Internet can be a useful place to start your research, but there are some tips and tricks to locating high quality scholarly information.

Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches across a broad range of scholarly resources. There are some simple ways to make the most of Google Scholar.

Watch this video to learn about Using Google Scholar with Library (Duration: 1m 56s) or read instructions.

Using Artificial Intelligence

Learn about AI literacy and gain an understanding of the risks and benefits of using Generative AI for study.

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Other useful information

Get better search results

Use these search strategies in Primo Search and other CSU Library databases to help you get more relevant results.

Evaluating information

You can improve the quality of your assessment and boost your marks by using credible information.

Peer review

What is peer review and how do you find peer reviewed journal articles?