Writing and referencing

You'll have support with writing and referencing your assessments with the Charles Sturt Academic Skills team. Referencing your assessments is essential and important for academic integrity.

Academic writing support

The Academic Skills team have study support to help you with writing your assessment tasks. They offer workshops, guides and forums. There is also one-on-one training and assignment feedback through Studiosity. Use the links below to explore their resources.

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Types of assessment tasks

Assessment task types will vary between courses and subjects.

This comparative document shows the differences between some types of common tasks.

Comparing Assessment Tasks

Importance of referencing for your assessment

Referencing is acknowledging the source of ideas and concepts that are not your own. It is the appropriate way to give credit to the original owner of an idea, piece of writing or creative work.

When to reference

You should reference all your assessments unless told otherwise. This includes direct quotes, facts and figures, and any ideas and theories that you use. Your reference list also allows readers to follow up on the sources you have used.

Avoiding plagiarism

Referencing is an important part of academic integrity and means you can avoid plagiarism. You'll have access to the Academic Integrity subject in your Interact2 site, which helps you understand these concepts.

Referencing support

The main referencing style at Charles Sturt is APA. You should check with your lecturer as some subjects use alternative styles.

If you have any questions about referencing, please refer to the Academic Skills team's resources.

Referencing resources


EndNote is a reference management software provided to you for free from the Library.

Find out more about EndNote.

Other useful information

Academic Referencing Tool

The Academic Referencing Tool (ART) provides detailed referencing examples for the prescribed referencing styles.

Copyright when studying

Find out everything you need to know about copyright as part of your study.