Wiley eBooks

Create a link to a Wiley Online Library eBook

  1. Search the Wiley Online Library eBook database for your book title.
  2. To limit the results to whole books, select the Publication tab. (see image below)
    screen sample of the Wiley website with 'Publication titles' highlighted
  3. Click on the eBook title in the search results.
  4. Highlight and copy the DOI in the eBook record (see image below).
    Screen sample of Wiley ebook with DOI highlighted
  5. Paste this number into the "DOI" box below.
  6. Click "Create Link".
  7. Your complete link will appear in the "Complete Link" box. If you want to test the complete link to make sure it works, click "Test Link", otherwise, copy the link and paste it into your document or webpage.