eReserve and Reserve

Use our eReserve and Reserve services when essential readings are only available in print format.


eReserve is a way of making portions of print-only resources available to your students. The Library’s eReserve team complies with copyright laws to scan sections of texts which can be found through Primo Search.

Scanned readings from print resources will be supplied in a Leganto reading list. If the subject has an existing Leganto reading list, the reading will be added. If no list exists, a list will be created for you to add to your subject Interact2 site.

Applying Tags

If you need a new reading added to your Leganto reading list, please use the 'Add tags to item' function under the individual reading in Leganto, and Library staff will fill your request:

Tag NameTag use
Digitisation requiredUsed when a digitisation of the chapter/article etc is required for the Leganto list. (Full citation details will be required for this to be completed). If the item cannot be located, an InterLibrary Loan will be requested.
Physical reserve requiredUsed to place the item into Physical reserve at the nominated Campus.
Remove-no longer requiredUsed when a reading is no longer required. The library will remove the scanned PDF from the digital repository.
Purchase suggestionUsed when you want Acquisitions to consider buying the item for the library collection.

Updating your eReserve readings

To check the list for your subject in Primo Search, type the subject code into the Primo search box, then change Search All to eReserve & Reserve.

  • Keep your Leganto reading lists up to date in line with TEQSA requirements.
  • Contact the eReserve team if there are missing readings, or readings that are no longer required.
  • Items can be tagged to request specific action for a reading (see table above).

Linking to eReserve articles and subjects

You can create links to eReserve lists or specific eReserve items by following the instructions in our Create Links guide.


Items in Reserve collections allow for high turnover with short 2-hour loans. This is useful for high-demand physical items, such as non-electronic texts and audiovisual materials.

The items are placed in Reserve at the relevant campus libraries and returned to the normal collection after the sessions nominated.

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