Faculty of Business, Justice & Behavioural Science Library Team

Faculty librarians are here to provide assistance to academic staff by providing expert searching advice, research and curriculum support.

Team Manager

Name: Jula Ryder
Manager, Academic Services (BJBS)

Service Manager (Student Learning)
Phone: 02 6051 9705
Email: jryder@csu.edu.au
Campus: Albury

Senior Client Services Librarians

Name: Annette Goodwin
Schools: Centre for Law and Justice; School of Computing, Mathematics and CSU Engineering; AGSPS
Phone: 02 6338 4208
Email: agoodwin@csu.edu.au
Campus: Bathurst

Name: Tabitha Merrell
Schools: School of Business; Policing Studies; Psychology; Centre for Customs and Excise Studies
Phone: 02 6365 7639
Email: tmerrell@csu.edu.au
Campus: Orange

Client Services Librarians

Name: Lauren Hookham
Schools: Centre for Law & Justice; CSU Engineering; School of Business
Campus: Bathurst

Name: Yasmine Hall
Schools: AGSPS; School of Business
Campus: Bathurst

Schools: Centre for Customs and Excise Studies; Psychology; School of Computing, Mathematics
Campus: Bathurst