Statement on access to electronic data services

This statement describes the Library’s arrangements for providing access to electronic data services. By accessing these resources, users accept the University’s Computing and Communications Facilities Use Policy, and agree to abide by the additional requirements below.

Acceptable Use

  • Electronic resources subscribed to by the Library may only be used by staff and students of Charles Sturt University, and others who may be authorised by the University and permitted under the terms of the licenses.
  • Electronic resources are for non-commercial use in personal research or study only.
  • Users must not systematically download or copy large amounts of these resources, thereby creating their own databases; or to distribute these resources to third parties.
  • Users must not share their username and password, or otherwise allow access to the electronic data services to anyone who is not an authorised user.
  • Users must abide by licence conditions imposed by copyright owners, and by the relevant provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 of the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • For further information on the terms and conditions by which users can access these electronic resources, refer to the terms and conditions information on the electronic resource itself or contact the Library.


The Library provides does not guarantee the authority or accuracy of information obtained via electronic data services.

The Library does not take responsibility for:

  • loss of data resulting from delays or service interruptions;
  • technical difficulties;
  • transmission of viruses;
  • offensive materials retrieved through use of electronic data services.