Keep up to date with new resources

You can set up a number of alerts to help you keep up to date with the resources available in the library.

Table of content (ToC) and search alerts

The ToC alert will allow you to receive the table of contents lists for selected recent journal issues, often with links to the publisher's site with the article.

A search alert will be sent to you after you have saved a database search that you run periodically.

The following systems support ToC and/or search alerts. Clicking the links will show you how to create these alerts.

Citation alerts

Citation alerts notify you when a specific article or author is cited in newly published articles. Most publisher sites limit results to citations appearing within their own journals, while citation databases provide citations from many sources.

Citation alerts can be created for Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar

New publication alerts

Receive notification of new publications (other than journal issues) from a publisher or professional organisation. This includes reports from:


Browse, save, organise and read journals and journal articles from open source and subscribed journals, using a web browser or mobile application.


  1. Alerts may include journal articles that are not part of the Library collection and may be requested via interlibrary loan
  2. Links to full-text articles may not work off-campus and you may need to use Primo Search to find and access the required article.


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