Recommend new library resources

The Library welcomes recommendations for new resources for the collection.

There are a few options for recommending new resources:


If the item will be used as part of a Leganto list, you can recommend the resource is purchased by adding it to the relevant list and adding a 'recommend a resource' tag. Detailed steps are available in the Using Leganto library resource guide.

Primo search

If you search for an item in Primo and it is not currently available, an option to 'recommend a resource' for purchase will display if you are logged in. This form will automatically populate with the resource details and can be quickly submitted to the Library Acquisitions team for review.

Recommend new resource form

A blank recommend a resource form allows you to enter the resource details to be submitted to the Library Acquisitions team for review.

New title notifications (GOBI)

This service can provide any Charles Sturt staff with a monthly email update of recently published titles in their chosen subject areas. Using the online selection tool, staff can indicate to the Library which titles they think are appropriate for the collection, helping the Library to develop the collections to best suit the needs of students and researchers alike.

To find out more about the Gobi service and start receiving the notifications, please contact the Acquisitions team: