State Archives

As a Regional Archive Centre for Museums of History NSW, we provide access to state archives created by local and regional state government agencies within the Riverina and Murray Regions.

The Guides below contain a consolidated overview of the majority of state archives currently held at Charles Sturt University Regional Archives. The lists are arranged by function, then creating agency and record group. The date range, item quantity, and corresponding reference numbers are also included.

Alternatively, some of our state archive holdings may be searched through the Museums of History NSW's state archive catalogue and indexes, which can be accessed through their Collection Search Page.

Guides to State Archives at Charles Sturt University Regional Archives

Business and Industrial Development

  • Regional Development Boards

Education and Training

  • Agricultural Colleges
  • Department of Education Regional Offices
  • Colleges of Advanced Education
  • Public Schools (inc. pre-schools and high schools)
  • Teachers' Colleges
  • Technical Colleges
  • Universities

Government Administration

  • Local Government (Shire Councils and Municipal Councils)


  • Ambulance Services
  • Department of Health Regional Offices
  • Public Hospitals

Infrastructure and Communications

  • Electricity Commission
  • Irrigation Areas
  • Main Roads
  • Public Works

Land and Resource Management

  • Land Board Offices
  • Crown Land Agents' Offices
  • Mines
  • Valuer General
  • Water Resources

Law and Order

  • Courts of General and Quarter Sessions
  • Courts of Petty Sessions
  • Courts of Review
  • Coroners and Morgues
  • District Courts
  • Licensing Courts
  • Police Stations
  • Public Prosecutions
  • Supreme Court

Primary Industries

  • Agricultural Research Institutes
  • Livestock Health and Pest Authorities
  • Experiment Farms

Social and Community Services

  • Rent Control Board
  • Public Trust Office